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“As an inventor and innovator, it is always refreshing to find a new take on innovation. Dan’s new book can help you sift current trends to find those most likely to happen and give your organization confidence to make bold moves.”
-Terry Jones, Founder, Founding Chairman, Author of ON Innovation
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“If you’re in business and you’re not thinking about disruption, you’re not paying attention. And if you haven’t read The Anticipatory Organization, you haven’t learned how to think about—and get ahead of—the disruption that’s headed your way. Read this book!”

Co-founder, Fast Company Magazine
“The Anticipatory Organization teaches you how to accelerate growth by jumping ahead of the competition with low risk. It’ s a must-read for anyone who wants an edge on tomorrow.”

Serial Entrepreneur; Original Shark on Shark Tank, Co-Founder of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization
“Putting out fires and managing the crisis of the moment are important, but pre-solving predictable problems or skipping them all together is far better. The strategies and principles in The Anticipatory Organization can directly benefit both your business life as well as your personal life.”
Executive Director, Device Quality, Amgen
Introducing The Anticipatory Organization… 
Turn Disruption & Change Into Opportunity & Advantage…
From the desk of Daniel Burrus

Many people think that it’s impossible to predict the future with any level of certainty.

I’m here to tell you, you can…IF you know how and where to look!

This misconception about the predictability of the future in business is likely costing you money, creating anxiety, and worse—resulting in missed opportunities.

That’s because when you believe that the future is uncertain, you do what most people do…you stick with the status quo.

After all…if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right?


We’ve all seen ultra successful businesses disrupted or fail completely. The reason? Their leadership was unable to see the visible future. 
I don’t want this to happen to your business. In fact, it won’t happen when you understand the concept that I’m sharing with you today…

The power of Anticipation.

Organizations have traditionally relied on their ability to react as quickly as possible to change. It’s often referred to as “agility.”

While being agile IS important, it’s no longer good enough. Here’s why…

We’re living in an era of accelerating disruption. I’m not talking simple change, here. I’m talking outright TRANSFORMATIONAL change…

The type of change that’s rendering traditional systems and modes of thinking less relevant and even obsolete!

So, if you want to leverage transformative change for your business, you can’t merely react quickly to the change that just took place…because that’s what everyone ELSE is doing!

Your business will be in a far superior position if you have anticipated that change and crafted well-thought-out plans to take full advantage of the game-changing opportunities before others even see them coming!

That will make YOU look like a genius!

Using the principles of this proven model, you will learn how to elevate planning, accelerate innovation, and transform results by pinpointing and acting upon enormous opportunities waiting to be discovered.

For the past 30+ years, I’ve been working behind the scenes with organizations from the Pentagon and leading Fortune 500 companies, to mid-size companies and entrepreneurs, to implement my proprietary Anticipatory Organization Principles to get dramatic results. Now I want to share this revolutionary model to identify game-changing opportunities with you!

The Anticipatory Organization will show you exactly how to elevate planning, accelerate innovation, and transform results, so you can pinpoint and act upon the enormous opportunities waiting to be discovered, instead of fearing disruption.
Here are a few strategies you’ll find in 
The Anticipatory Organization
Here Are A Few Of The Strategies
That You’ll Get For FREE…
  • The SINGLE competency you must master that can accelerate innovation with greater certainty and lower risk… pg. 10
  •  How to avoid a common yet extremely dangerous misconception that can get you into trouble fast… pg. 14  
  •  The simple and highly effective model that is GUARANTEED to propel you ahead of your competition… pg. 15  
  •  My PROVEN methodology for accurately forecasting future trends that will give you an exponential personal and professional advantage… pg18 
  • The ONE thing you can change to easily accelerate innovation… pg 53 
  •  How to apply the 'Law of Opposites' to find the inventive solutions and innovations you’re overlooking… pg 72 
  •  My simple technique to break through any log jam and quickly solve your biggest problems (you won’t believe how easy, yet effective this is)... pg. 78 
  •  How you can elevate your Futureview based on the forces that are shaping the future, so you can experience greater success… pg. 104 
  •  My “Top Secret” strategy to increase your results and move ahead faster… pg. 138
  •  Discover the hidden war that is sabotaging your success (and how to stop it before it’s too late)… pg. 144 
  •  The 3 actions you MUST take if you want to increase your personal and professional relevance in your industry… pg. 156 
And That’s JUST The First 156 Pages…

You’ll Also Get My Fool-Proof Method For Pre-Solving Your Problems Before They Happen... 

25 Ways to Identify & Capitalize On Game-Changing “Invisible” Opportunities… 

Check Out What This Book Is Already Doing For Others…
“The Anticipatory Organization is a must-read book for planning, decision making and growing the bottom line. Burrus has prepared a detailed flight plan to assist organizations, of all sizes, in gaining altitude and avoiding a lot of turbulence.”

Howard Putnam, Former CEO Southwest Airlines, Author: The Winds of Turbulence
“The Anticipatory Organization provides critical insights into trends shaping the future of business. Daniel Burrus delivers a powerful vision for driving growth and innovation within a company. This is a must read for emerging digital leaders within industry.”

Jude Schramm, CIO General Electric Company – Aviation
“The Anticipatory Organization shows you how to find certainty in an uncertain world and use the confidence that comes from certainty to jump ahead of the competition and stay ahead.”

Jack Canfield, CoAuthor of the bestselling Chicken Soup book series and CEO The Canfield Training Group
“Reacting to disruption and change is getting harder every year. Learning how to see change coming before it arrives by becoming anticipatory turns change into you biggest competitive advantage. The Anticipatory Organization does this and far more, read it today!”

Greg Kammer, EVP, Strategy, Retail and Sales Operations, Ashley Furniture Industries
“The Anticipatory Organization provides a compelling methodology to enable each of us to identify future trends and meaningful opportunities in a time of hyper change. Simple in its approach, yet truly transformational in its results.”

Joel Doherty, Head of Global Strategy and Business Development, EPSON Cloud/EPSON America
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  •  Because I believe knowledge increases when it’s shared. Abundance breeds abundance. The more success that’s created, the better off we’ll all be!
  •  Knowing my book has reached yet another leader instills a confidence in me that disruption and change in the future will lead to progress, and you’ll know I’ll be here to help your company grow.
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Daniel Burrus 
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Daniel Burrus is one of the brightest and most innovative people I know. The Anticipatory Organization explores solid strategies that can propel you, your team, and your business in significant ways. Read it. Discuss it. Apply it. Benefit from it.

Dr. Nido R. Qubein, President, High Point University 
“Ever since we introduced your Anticipatory Organization concepts to our leaders and managers, our ability to solve complex problems has dramatically improved. We commonly talk about Hard Trends and Soft Trends and how defining them gives our planning efforts certainty in the uncertain world of healthcare. The Anticipatory Organization is a must read for every leader!”

Roger Spoelman, Regional President and CEO Trinity Health/Mercy Health
“The Anticipatory Organization teaches you how to elevate your planning based on the Hard Trends that are shaping the future, and how to accelerate your results. It is a must read for any organization that is experiencing increased competition and an uncertain future.”

Terry Halvorsen, Former DoD CIO, EVP Samsung Electronics
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